The International Charity Bazaar is a voluntary fundraising organisation based in Dublin. A complete redesign of the brand identity presented the opportunity to rebuild the existing website into a modern, responsive system which was easy to update, would save time and attract more donations.

Pushing towards the future

The International Charity Bazaar had just been through the design process for a new brand identity developed by Hurson. Their existing website was based on Wordpress, was unresponsive and difficult to update. Working in collaboration with Hurson our task was to completely redesign and rebuild the site on a new platform.

Save time and attract more donations

A website has the power to perform many tasks which we find repetitive and time-consuming, for a charity anything which helps reduce the running costs and makes it easy to donate online is a welcome addition. The old site just wasn’t making any of this easy, in fact it was probably making life more difficult.

Building on a new visual foundation

With a new brand we had the visual elements in place and, in conjunction with Hurson, we designed the layout of the new site, significantly improving the first impression of the organisation. With the mobile-first approach we could tailor the design for all devices from smartphone through to large desktop.

Expression Engine is a powerful CMS which is easy to manage content through.

Increasing donations and streamlining administration tasks

A great looking website isn’t much use if the functionality and user experience is missing. We worked closely with the client to improve the donation process on the new site and help solve some time-consuming administration issues.

Every year the ICB will put out a call to other charities in Ireland who apply for financial help, normally this is a paper-trail which is time-consuming to manage. We were able to re-develop this into an online process, store the applications and automatically email the completed forms to the relevant ICB member. This saved a huge amount of time and also resulted in a record number of applicants over the previous year.

The mobile version of ICB helps capture the smartphone audience. In todays market this is a significant number of visitors.

The future looks bright

A website is always a work in progress, with sustained investment new features can be built to solve other issues. One thing you do need is a good foundation to build upon, this is what we delivered for the ICB. Built on Expression Engine, the website will always support the latest developments in content mangement and be exposed to new tools for making things better.

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