Eric Schmidt

Eric is one of the most sought after cinematographers in Los Angeles, working on more than 700 commercials and creating music videos for acts like the Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay. Managing and viewing this work online is crucial to stay in front within a highly competitive market.

Reliable and easy to manage

Eric Schmidt, as you can see from his showreel of work, is a highly sought after cinematographer from Hollywood, Los Angeles. He came to me with a specific problem in the presentation of his work, relying on out-dated technology made it difficult for him to update his work. On top of that the delivery of video was unreliable and unattractive, it just didn’t justify the quality of his material.

Starting from scratch with a completely new direction in visual presentation

We wiped the slate clean and started from the very foundations of how Eric could present himself and the work. What became apparent from the beginning was the work is what matters, we needed to present this in the foreground, everything else should exsist to support this goal. A clean well-structured layout with mutted tones would help to highlight the colourful stills of his video.

Sample of Eric's identity and business cards.

The nightmare scenario

Even with Eric’s contacts and experience he still places a great deal of importance on his website to secure the next big gig. No one escapes the nightmare scenario of the busy producer or art director getting frustrated when your website just won’t work.

This can mean the difference between securing the job or not. We custom built the front-end to display the work as a series of tiles, the video is played in a lightbox which takes over the entire browser area, maximising the impact and removing all the distractions on viewing his material. Vimeo was chosen to host the video and ensure smooth delivery.

Expression Engine makes it easy for Eric to update and manage his portfolio of work.

Under the hood

Expression Engine is a mature CMS with years of development, we wanted this sort of reliability and flexibility to run the system. Connecting to the Vimeo API also allowed us to draw the collection of videos hosted on Vimeo into the CMS making it easier and faster to manage. Adding, re-ordering, disabling and general management of the content is intuitive and easy.

“I am really impressed with how the website turned out, it has made adding and updating new material easy. Even on the move I can reorganise my work, saving me a huge amount of time.”
Eric Schmidt, Cinematographer
Eric's site is responsive and will scale to fit any device width.

The result

A responsive, easy to manage system which looks great on smartphone, tablet and desktop. Eric now receives great feedback on his site, it plays the video fast and reliably. Eric can now focus on producing great work without the need to worry about how it will be presented and delivered.

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